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20 (More) Business Card Designs That Will Leave An Impression

Traditionally business cards tend to be boring, bland, and used as more of a pre-requisite than a chance to impress – but not these creative and innovative business card designs. If you want to build up contacts and stand out of the crowd, you need business cards that can impress like these 20 examples can.... Continue reading

Promoting Yourself Via Print: Ideas, Tips And Examples

Opportunity knocks at the oddest of places: you could be at a big conference for design professionals where potential clients are everywhere, or at a coffee shop talking to a local business owner in need of creative services, or even at at a music festival that's perfect for spreading the word, guerrilla-style, about your skills. You know your online portfolio proves your design chops, but sometimes taking out your smartphone or tablet to showcase your website just isn't convenient.... Continue reading