Send Free SMS online with Mobik

Here’s another website that allows you to send free text messages (SMS) – Mobik. Mobik works fine for Malaysia and I believe for a lot of other countries too. Mobik requires sign up before you can start sending free SMS. The GUI for SMS sending in Mobik is flash-based; slow internet connection may suffer from the laggy interface loading.

Using Mobik for SMS sending

I guess this is really a no-brainer. You can start sending without adding any contact by typing in the contact number (with country code) and text message and just click on send. If you are planning to use this for good, consider organizing your contacts (with folders options) on the left column box. You will shown a quick video ads on each sending performed. Smart advertising anyway.


SMS sending were fast at most time, still sometimes particular text message could end up 10 minutes late. It’s a free service, so can’t expect it to perform magic.

(Site has been discontinued.)