Resigned From My Day Job

I quit. Today I tendered my resignation letter, officially no longer serving as Head of Creative department for my company. It is a bold and tough decision to make but I’m glad I did it. 3 years ago – I joined the company as a web content trainee; meet some cool colleagues; setup an entire department, trained and inspired a few, had fun. 3 years later, I handed in my resignation letter to my COO, not hoping for any counter offers.

There were lots of reasons contributed to my resignations, including all the political shiznit, being under-valued of my skills and all, but nothing is worth mentioning anymore since letter has been tendered.

What’s next?

Expanding Friends and peers were skeptical when I told them I’ll focus on this site/blog ( instead of trying to get new job. Blogging can only earn you some side income, it’s not going to pay all your bills – so I heard and read.

Going full time into blogging is certainly something very new, at least in Malaysia. But here’s what I think – when you have faith and determination, success will eventually come your way. I could be wrong, but we’ll see. I have Cely and my family’s (moral) support and that’s enough.

Life’s too short to be working for other who doesn’t appreciate your effort. I shall take my destiny in my own hands.

Now that I’m jobless, anyone interested in hiring me? (just joking). Oh! hold on a second, since I’m now blogging full time, does this makes me a Problogger now? ;-)