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How To Become A High-Demand Designer (And Get the Good Clients)

There are two types of designers in this world: those who are in high-demand, and those who aren’t. Most of us start out in the latter category, and, unfortunately, some of us remain thee for the duration of our careers. But there’s a way to cross the gap between being in high demand and low demand that isn’t always obvious. It’s not easy, otherwise, everyone would be doing it. But I’m going to assume you’re a designer interested in improving the quality of clients you get, so I’m going to give it to you straight.... Continue reading

7 Outreaching Tools For Bloggers

The definition of the word 'tools' has taken on many forms over the centuries, and in this day and age it's shrouded in ambiguity. A construction worker probably wouldn't find the prospect of a new tool overly exciting, but a Blogger would certainly have his interest piqued. If you are an active member in the blogosphere you no doubt send and receive plenty of emails each day.... Continue reading