Microsoft Demostrates Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Touch systems have been long used in kiosks, ticketing systems or even amusement park game machines. These are not rocket science but somehow a year back when Apple launches iPhone, it gains popularity and also increases the interest of end users towards multi touch system/devices. Also a year ago, Microsoft showed off their Surface computing technology, which I find it pretty convincing, and if they were to put on mass production it will be dominating. So gadgets like phones are touch’ed. The next big thing would probably be implementing them operating systems. Although non of us have a clue when technology like this will be make available in our neighborhood computer stores, but we have at least have an idea that – it definitely will, and I got a feeling it’s near.

The video above, is a Windows demonstration of their version of Multi touch, powering Windows 7 platform at the back. Again, it’s yet another exciting technology we want to have in our living room and offices.


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