Meet Netizens Media, Malaysia’s 5th Advertising Network


Yet another local advertising network, that’s right. Thanks to Paul Tan for the heads up, we now have not four but five advertising network in Malaysia. Netizens Media from Penang, has just jumped on the bandwagon being the fifth advertising network for Malaysian bloggers. This neighbor of Nuffnang is officially launched on the 24th January 2008 and is still on private beta stage.

How Netizens Media Work


Netizens don’t go by CPM and CPC but instead a practicer of flat rate ads, that means you are paid how much your blog is worth. And to determine the value of your blog, you can either set the price yourself, or get a determination from Netizen based on your market profitability and monthly unique visitors. Here’s a sample.

My thoughts

Here’s a quick recall on the networks launching date:

  • Nuffnang – Febuary 2007
  • Advertets – March 2007
  • GrabMyAds – November 2007
  • Gokita – December 2007, and now
  • Netizen Media – January 2008.

Most of these networks were borned and founded by bloggers themselves; bloggers who sees flaws in making money online in blogosphere, bloggers who are frustrated with how things are currently being operated, bloggers who thinks they can do better job in helping fellow bloggers make money online.

5 advertising network startups in one year. That certainly looks a bit congested to me. What’s your thought?


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