It’s Confirmed, Nufflets Is Now Gokita


Folks at Nufflets have decided to re-brand their identity, no more Nufflets for sure; Gokita is the new name for our 4th local advertising network. I had a talk with the co-founder and apparently the reason of change is to give the ad network a original an unique identity, avoiding being related directly or indirectly with their rivals.

Still I’m confused why it was launched in the first place with Nufflets being aware that it sounds so much like both the current strongest advertisement network in Malaysia. Anyway, Nufflets will be history, and Gokita’s promise to Asian blogosphere:

When Nufflets relaunches as, it will offer superior customer support, more value, more earnings, unprecedented reliability as we will be hosted on – a world renowned webhosting company with great support and service.

So yea, we’ll be watching and see what Gokita will have in store for us. I’ll definitely try them out, but as advertiser instead of publisher.


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