How To Install 2 Different Versions of Firefox On Mac

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[Mac only] Are you eager to try out the latest Firefox 3 beta but not ready to give up on your Firefox 2 yet? Normally when a new version of Firefox gets installed, it’ll replace the current version in the machine and it practically makes reverting a tedious task. Here’s how you can get a taste of the latest Firefox 3 beta and still keep your Firefox 2 together with its profile settings and bookmarks working perfectly fine; in short, keeping 2 versions of Firefox in Mac.

Assuming you already have a Firefox 2 installed in your Mac:

  1. Download latest Firefox 3 beta.
  2. Double click to launch the installation dialog.
  3. Drag the Firefox application to desktop (instead of Application folder)
  4. Rename it to something else, for instance.
  5. Now drag the renamed Firefox 3 back into Application folder.

Double click on Firefox 3 and viola, it’s running with Firefox 2 safely untouched. To revert back to Firefox 2, just delete the Firefox 3 app.

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