‘Human Pets’ Shut Down By Facebook

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All time favorite Facebook application Human Pets was shut down by Facebook yesterday. The reason – pornographic contents. If you are a Human pet user, you should know that there’s an option to mark your photos as ‘adult only’ and apparently folks at Facebook did not like it very much.

According to allfacebook, Patrick Shyu, developer of Human pet Facebook application were notified and given 2 hours to remove all these photos or have the app permanently removed by Facebook.

Here’s what part of the email conversation between Patrick and Facebook says. Read more at allfacebook.

Hi Patrick,

We ask that you remove your application from the site until you have removed all pornographic content. Our pornographic policy is very strict and we gave you a deadline until now 11:00am pacific time Thursday 8 May 2008 and all pornographic content has not been removed from your application. Below are just a few URL links of content that violates our Platform Application Guidelines section I.1 (see http://developers.facebook.com/guidelines.php). We take this violation very seriously and will have to disable your application until you have fully complied with our policy, unless you take it down to remove the content.

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