hongkiat.com 3 Months old now

Hongkiat.com started off about 3 months ago and I’m proud to say it has now survived its 3rd month. Now, the rankings and traffics may not be somethimg impressive for some of you but I have confident to bring it further. Here’s a look at the traffick ranking based on Alexa and Technorati.


Hongkiat.com’s Alexa started off from 3,000,000++ and in 3 months time I’ve made quite a jump to 30,000+. Alexa calculates based on surfers with Alexa toolbar. Some may say Alexa metrics are not really accurate and often bias towards newstreams sites but the fact is who’s to say which is the most accurate?


Technorati shows you how many website in the blogosphere is actually linking to you. I think I started off from 400,000 in Technorati; 3 months later Hongkiat.com is now at 8,000+.