Hey this looks alot like you! :S

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hey this looks alot like you

It’s really irritating and it spreads like mad. I hope you know what I’m saying. MSN messages like the above title, some goes by "Is that you on that photo" or similar has been popping on my Instance Messenger on daily basis. If you are receiving these messages like I do, that means your friend on the other end has been infected by a MSN virus. I not sure if its deadly, but it’s sure disturbing.

These viruses goes by various names, MSN Virus Project 1; Generic2.EXO; Backdoor.Generic3.SAT. Once infected it will spread across your contact lists and sends out the above said (or similar message). If any of your IM contacts clicks on it, they will be brought via Internet Explorer to download a file name photo656.pif. If the user downloads it, there goes another users.

Removing the virus from PC

To remove this virus from your computer, try using this tool. Download, let it scan and remove the virus. If the tool doesn’t work, visit Technibble.com for a manual removal solution.


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