Google Reader Theme – Mac OS X

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Google Reader Mac OS X Theme

If you are reading online articles via feed using Google Reader, here’s a theme to give your Google Reader a fresh new look – the Mac OS X theme. Kudos to folks at hicksdesign.

This theme changes your typical Google Reader interface from this:

Google Reader

to Mac OS X based interface

Google Reader - Mac OS X Theme

Firefox: Installation

  1. Download
  2. Make sure you have Firefox Stylish plugin installed, else click here to install/download.
  3. In Stylish plugin, click on Options to launch Manage Style dialog.
    Firefox Stylish plugin
  4. Extract files in Look for greader.css in folder Firefox + Camino
  5. Click Write, put in a title; paste greader.css inside and click Save.
  6. Done! Now reload your Google Reader.

Other browsers

To install this theme in other browsers like Casmino, Safari, Omniweb and Opera, please visit the author’s website.


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