Giveaways: Win Great Prizes This December at Hongkiat

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christmas giveaways

Every now and then, we strive to bring free gifts aka giveaways to our readers as a token of appreciation for the support. We’ve done couple of giveaways over the pass few months, and you can see most of them at the Freebies Category. See, the problem with most of these giveaways we noticed is, there’s too little for too many readers. So this December, before we call it a year, we decided to do again what we’ve done in May – another giveaway month. And this time, we promise there will be much more and chances of winning will be greater.

How things work?

Every week, we’ll create an entry letting you know what we are giving away for free. If you react fast, you might win yourself something.

Tip: To get alerts fast, we urge that you subscribe the RSS feed (if you have not), or follow hongkiat on twitter.

How to win?

Comment in. Simple as that.

We also want to bring to your attention that prizes for this giveaway month (or in fact every time) is made possible not only by us, but also some really cool generous sponsors. If you do win, please keep it to yourself, don’t distribute or re-sell. See you later , and stay tuned :-)


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