Giveaway: Flashloaded 3DWall Worth $99.95 – 2 Winners (Closed)

flashloaded 3dwall

Sometimes, those cool Flash effects you seen in other designers websites aren’t too hard to create really. Most of the time, it’s a standard Adobe Flash components, or scripts. All you need to do is tweak the settings and options and there you go, some cool Flash effects for your website. Flashloaded makes Flash designers life easier by developing these flash components so effects can be generated almost on the fly, even if you are unfamiliar with Flash Actionscript.

Flashloaded 3DWall

Think of 3DWall as a interactive image presentation. Your images are organized in grids and you move them around kinda like the way how Tom Cruise navigates in Minority Report. 3DWall makes browsing images a very cool experience, and the best part, you don’t have to worry about the codes.

Here’s 6 options how your images can be organized with 3DWall. Click to experience the cool Flash navigation.

  1. 360 INSIDE CURVATURE3dwall-1.jpg

  2. FLAT WALL3dwall-2.jpg



  5. 120 OUTSIDE CURVATURE3dwall-5.jpg

  6. 180 INSIDE CURVATURE3dwall-6.jpg

This is certainly a very useful Flash component for anyone who wants to impressively showcase their photos or portfolios. Read here for more details. Flashloaded’s 3DWall cost $99.95 per copy, but we are giving out 2 copies of 3DWall free for readers.

How to win?

  1. Look for the hyperlink inside RSS feed (end of content, before Related Articles)
  2. Click on it, send us your name and email address.

For the first 2 that does that, we’ll be sending each a copy of Flashloaded 3DWall your way.