12 Cute & Imaginative Ways To Teach Fingerspelling

Fingers are a great medium for creativity. Just take a look at finger photography and human finger portraits for some impressive examples of what’s possible. But just when you think that the Internet has reached its peak, an artist comes along with another brilliant idea – illustrate adorable creations around your fingers to help you learn fingerspelling!

(Image Source: Alex Solis)

Alex Solis has committed his time and talent to showcase a variety of cute drawings playing on his hand. Each artwork carries a cute character, of which its name begins with the letter being fingerspelled. For instance, here you see a lion biting the finger that is fingerspelling ‘L’. Fingerspelling is used in sign language for spelling out the letters of the alphabet.

A is for Apple. From generation to generation, the humble apple is renowned for helping teach the letter ‘A’ to kids! And this is how you fingerspell it. Makes it so much easier to remember, doesn’t it?

B is for Bear. A bear sitting on your palm while cuddling your thumb is B.

E is for Eagle and Elephant. It feels like the elephant is actually there in his hand. And even when caught, it still manages to annoy the eagle.

F is for Fox and Fish. The fox is about to catch the fish, but thankfully the fingers grabbed hold of the line!

J is for Jaguar. Not every hand pose in fingerspelling is static. For this example, the little finger has to move according to the direction of the arrow to fingerspell the letter ‘J’. Thus, spawning this illustration of the Jaguar chasing the finger.

L is for Lion. It bites, but pain is the last thing I feel when I see how cute this is!

N is for Narwhal. Now I cannot unsee this narwhal every time my hand I sign the letter ‘N’.

O is for Octopus. The octopus can look scary for some, but this one is anything but that. And it helps you make an ‘O’ quickly and easily.

P is for Penguin and Pig. Just because their names start with the same letter that does not mean they will get along.

S is for Skunk. If your hands smelling a bit funny, it’s probably because of this little guy. But you can’t really be mad at him, can you?

T is for Turtle and Toucan. Fingerspelling can be hard, but no more with all these charming creatures and colors.

U is for Unicorn. Regardless of how mature you are, don’t be shy to mentally summon this magical unicorn onto your hand to help fingerspell ‘U’!

If this has got you wanting to have fun while learning more ways to fingerspell, you can visit Alex Solis’s Flickr portfolio. It also features his other creative endeavors as well.