Facebook Human Pets Trick: 1000pts in less than 4 mins

Here’s one of the trick I’ve previously used in Facebook’s Human Pets to gain the most points in the shortest time, taking advantage of the – 5pts per profile view. Basically when you view your friend’s profile, you earn 5 pts. You are allow to make 1000 pts each day from profile viewing (in other words, view 200 profiles), so why not get the maximum of out it.

This trick probably only works in Mac, I’m not sure if Windows has the stability for the followings. First collect about 200 Human Pets profile. In Mac, all you need to do is drag the profile URLs out to desktop (or folder). I place every 50 profile URLs in a folder just to keep them organized. This is only a one time effort, every other time you will just be re-using them.

So I’m going to view 50 profiles at every one time. Highlight 50 profiles; right-click and open them up with Safari browser; wait for 30-40 secs (mayb varies from internet connection) for all 50 profiles to be loaded. Use “F9” or “F10” to see all opened browser in one screen. Use Alt + Command + Esc to bring up Force Quit Application dialog. Close all your 50 Safari browsers.

close safari

Every 50 profile views (250pts) in Safari cost me about 40 secs to make. That’s 1000 pts in less than 4 minutes. However be warned, as this is not how you should be gaining your points in Human pet, you are at risk of getting suspended from the app for performing that.

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