Cool Giveaways At This May

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I’m gonna make things really simple. I’ll be giving out prizes (worth $750 in total) each week for the entire month of May. Since we are running a technology blog and our readers are either tech users, designers or bloggers, we thought these gifts should be useful. No strings attached, just giveaways. Read more after jump.

What are the giveaways?

We’ll probably each reveal the prizes on the go during the month of May, but anyway here’s a run down of what’s included – Flashloaded 3dWall (x2), ColorSchemer Studio (x2), premium WordPress theme (x3 developer license) and web hosting account (x1). And yes, if you are not getting it free here, you’ll need to pay for it.

Sponsors of prizes

I’ve to personally thank these generous souls for giving me so many cool stuff to test with, and best of all, allows me to give them away (legit!) to readers. Here’s our sponsors:

How to win?

Subscribe to the feed. I guess it’s really time to reward readers who’ve been following, so each Wednesday for the entire May, a link to the prize will be revealed in feed. Here’s how to win it.

  1. Subscribe to Hongkiat’s feed (if you have not).
  2. Click on the hyperlink (end of content, before Related Articles) at the bottom of the feed.
  3. Submit your name, email.


Prizes will be awarded to the first reader who sends in (or first few, depending how many I’ve got in stock) and winners will be notify via email. The first giveaway will start on the 7th May (Wednesday)


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