Cool Asian Gadgets You Don’t See In The States

Folks at PCWorld released an article featuring 10 gadgets (made in asia) you will not see in the United States. After checking though all of them, I don’t think I remember seeing them anywhere in Malaysia or Singapore too. But still, it’s good to get updated with these Japanese technology. Here’s two I’d really like to own.

Toshiba ApriPoko Robot

Toshiba ApriPoko Robot

This 11 inch tall robot will help you switch to your favorite program, turn on/off the TV or basically any action you command it to do with the TV. But before it can do it, you kinda need to program it. ApriPoko Robot testing product in Toshiba research lab, it’s availability is yet to be announced.

Face Bank

Wave your coins at the light-sensored eyes and the mouth will open up, you can then ‘feed’ it with your coins. This saving gadget cost about $50, comes in 8 colors but only available in Japan.

Check out the full list here.


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