ControlC: Keep History For Things You’ve Copied


How many Control/Command + C (copy) you do on daily basis with your computer? I did at least 50 times a day, just to transfer small little data from one place to another. Here’s the limitation – the normal Control/Command + C only allows you to hold the latest copy of information in clipboard, the rest are all replaced whenever you re-use the function. Have you ever copied an URL or little piece of content but couldn’t remember because you’ve re-used the Control/Command + C?

ControlC will solve your problem. Anytime you copy a text content with the Control/Command + C shortcut, ControlC will upload that particular content to their server and stored it under your account. That means you can see a list of things you copied with Control/Command + C like a history or similar.

Security Issue?

What we’ve copied could be something pretty confidential, and it sound risky to have it transfer over the internet but ControlC says this:

When the text is uploaded, it is encrypted using your password as the key (which we will never have access to).

Share What You’ve Copied

If you’d like to share whatever you’ve copied with other ControlC users, simply make these items public. You can also search others’ shared items, add them to your friends. Personally I’m not too keen in sharing copied items but checking out what others copied sounds pretty interesting.

Using ControlC

A little client is needed for ControlC to work. ControlC supports both Windows and Mac.

Visit ControlC download page.


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