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10 Tips to Turn Your Ebook Into a Print Book

It takes a lot of tinkering to get your ebook designs to look just right. From the cover art to the text within the interior pages, you want everything to look perfect in the digital space. But do you also consider how your ebook will look when it is printed out? Digital books are becoming more and more mainstream, but printed publications are still the norm. Though you strive to make your digital file flawless in the virtual world, some of that effort may be lost once ink has been applied to paper.... Continue reading

Why We Need a Keyboard Revolution

One of the biggest myths in America is that the QWERTY keyboard was scientifically designed to be the most efficient key layout. Look at the point values the next time you play Words with Friends or Scrabble. The letters with lower point values are the easy letters to play because they're used in the most words.... Continue reading