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Monitor Calibration: General Guide to Getting Your Colors Right

People can simply plug in their digital cameras to their computers, import the pictures saved as files, and reproduce them through printing. However, this matter of convenience has a drawback that can prove to be troublesome for serious color photographers. What you see on your digital camera's screen won't appear the same as when you transfer it to a computer and view it through your monitor. Similarly, what you see on your computer screen won't be exactly what you'd get when you print it.... Continue reading

Public Speaking: How to Nail an Interesting Presentation

As an introvert, my ability to communicate didn't come naturally. I consider this apparent flaw one of my greatest strengths, as it forced me to learn how to strategically present information. This led to a lifelong study of the art of communication. While entire books could be dedicated to this art, I am confident that these few insights will assist you at becoming the master communicator you wish to be.... Continue reading