Black Is My New Mac

macbook black

Here’s my latest addition to my collection of Apple gadgets – Macbook Black. Few of my friends were asking why not Macbook Air? Well, as much as I love it’s slim-nest, but the 1.6Mhz processor and a non solid state HDD just don’t add up. Secondly there no optical drive, and also what am I suppose to do with only 1 USB port? I find it much of a traveler’s mate instead of developers machine.

The Macbook

Black because there’s too many white Macbook out there, also because black has a higher spec for better performance. And of course higher specs comes with higher price. Here’s a rough run down on the specification.

  • 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 1GB memory
  • 160GB hard drive1
  • Double-layer SuperDrive

The Delivery

I have to congratulate the Apple Singapore Store for their amazingly efficient service. The order was placed on Monday afternoon and I received calls on Tuesday saying it will be courier to me that day itself. Tuesday night, I’m already un-boxing it. Less than 48 hours from ordering to delivery, that’s awesome.

hongkiat macbook

The Price

The Macbook Black cost me $1200+ USD. The reason why it’s cheaper than market price is because I purchased a refurbished set. Refurbished sets are as good as new ones, and it comes with 1 year limited warranty. Refurbish products usually sold out in matter of hours after listed on local Apple Store. If you are looking for refurbish products, I suggest you constanly monitor the page update.


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