Advertlets Apologized for Domain Expiry and Downtime Caused


Ok, let’s faced it. It’s pretty careless to have your domain expired but I personally don’t see much point in blaming anymore. When Advertlets goes down when their domain got expired, it affected all parties and that includes NuffNang. NuffNangers who uses Advertlets ads during the Advertlets downtime also got their site redirected to somewhere else, that indirectly affected the efficiency of ads displays of NuffNang clients. It’s a all-lose situation. Advertlets are back online now and apologized, so I guess angry bloggers should calm down, NuffNang fans should chill too.

Josh Lim, founder of Advertlets posted an apology entry over at Adverlets blog, pretty much sums up all the Why, How, What about the domain expiry and downtime.

So now, are you ready to go back with Advertlets or are you dropping them for good? Why?


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