70+ Beautiful Dual Monitors Desktop Wallpapers

Dual monitors, also known as two-monitors setup has been widely adopted in many offices as well as individual workspace. It is a common practice among the developers and designers. Some has even brought the setup further to 3 or more monitors. As prices of LCD monitors are dropping each day, more spacious desktop can be economically achieved by adding an additional monitor.

dual screen wallpapers

If you have two monitors side by side, how about making the most out of them. For starters get yourself a cool dual monitors wallpaper, something cool that stretches across two monitor screens. Here’s a showcase of more than 70+ Beautiful Dual-Monitors Desktop Wallpapers, something that really spice up your desktop.

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Nature Art

Majority of the greatest dual screen wallpapers are based on nature sceneries. Here’s a list of some we really like. More nature wallpapers.

World Panoramas Scenery

Dual Clear Bliss

Panoramic Landscape Wallpapers

Crashing Waves At Sunset


Collection of cool dual screen wallpapers. Click here for more.


The Birth of the Moon

Sunset In The Grass

Wokers Life

Golfing The Day Away

Harbor Dusk

Dual Screen Rocky Mountains

New world

Bowbay 2

Strange World


Globophobia HDTV

Collection: A Dreamy World

Wonderful Day


Snowy Mountain

World Road To Imagination

Ravens Tower

Green Wheat Fields

Green Grass Slopes

Center Town

Space and Planets

Breathtaking planet and space wallpapers for the dual monitor users. More space wallpapers.


A rendered image of a planet, a moon and a sun


Image created from Hubble Space Telescope photos.

Dawn to Earth

Shepherd Nebula

Sunrise from Space

Earth From Space

The Moon


The Swordfish


Deep Blue

Mint in Turquoise V2


Dual Screen Yoko

Yin and Yang

Rose Red

Advance Tree House


All the main characters from the hit TV show Heroes


A wallpaper for the social website Digg


More firefox wallpapers.


In the following resolutions 2048×768, 2560×1024, 3360×1050

Vista Ultimate Series DUAL

All new Windows Vista ultimate Series dual monitor wallpaper pack

Creation of Man

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo

Diablo 3

More Dual Screen Wallpapers