15 Lamest Technology Mascots

Mascot is something to help one remembers a brand but if one chooses a wrong mascot it could backfire though. Wired.com certainly did some good research in this compilation.

Here’s 15 Most Lamest Technology Mascot ever. Full content after jump.

Microsoft Office – Clippy, the animated paper clip

Linux – Tux the penguin

Business Software Alliance – The Ferret

Apple – Clarus the Dogcow

MacOS – Hexley

Adobe – The Creative Suite Jester

Sun Microsystem – Duke the ambassador of Java

AskJeeves.com – Jeeves

IBM – The VM Bear

Microsoft – OS-TAN

Mozilla – The Gozilla?

Bell Labs – Glenda

Gentoo – Larry the Cow

Nullsoft Winamp – Mike the Llama

Wikipedia – Wikipede