1,000,000 Visits/Month! Thank You Folks

1mil visits

About 6 months ago we got our first official 1 million pageviews/month and today, we are excited to announce yet another big leap and milestone for the blog – 1,000,000 visits/month. According to yesterday’s Google Analytics, Hongkiat.com is serving an average of 1,042,163 visits/month (2,000,037 pageviews/month) and that is an pretty exciting figure.

Thank You

Our gratitude goes to the readers – you who visits the site or read from RSS feeds. This figure wouldn’t be possible without you.

We’d also like to thank Exabytes, for the dedicated server and technical support, allowing us to sail smoothly through traffic spikes.

We’ll work harder to bring you more useful tips and resources, stay tuned and have a nice day ahead. Cheers!