10 Reasons to blog with Mac

Editor’s note: This is a guest contribution by Chardy Wang.

First of all, I notice that mac keyboard is different compare to my Windows lap top keyboard. Yeah, they launching new keyboards, very cool, sleek design, I gotta get one. There are no Windows key, no ALT key, no CTRL key. Let me list down the key mapping below:

Mac Key Explanation
⌘ Command
⌃ Control
⇥ Tab
⇧ Shift
⌥ Alt/Option
⌦ Delete
↑ Up
↓ Down
← Left
→ Right
↩ Return

It’s like when I use my Photoshop software to edit image, the CTRL key just be replaced with Command key. And touche, that Apple new keyboard removed the apple logo key (CMD).

Beside I love nice design wallpaper on mac. All any other blog tools available too on mac, and the speed is superb, I did not feel any lagging when running the applications, on mac.

Few cool stuffs on a Mac:

#1. Mac hardware graphic is superb, as a designer, I can calibrate my display near up to the industrial standard, yes indeed.

#2. Mac Dashboard – F12 – Pretty cool toolkit huh?

#3. You can run Windows and Linux on Intel-based Macs. There are at least three good ways to do it. We can use boot camp (Apple tools which help to installation of Windows drivers) and another way is using Virtualization which running the other operating system in a the same Mac which running OS X. One is called Parallels and has been around since roughly mid-2006, and the other is called Fusion from VMWare.

#4. Mac OS X is the coolest Operating System ever, and It run on solid UNIX platform. Once you go mac, you never go back!

#5. Mac bundle with iLife, a wonderful pack of software for multimedia including photos, music, and video. For website, my favorite dreamweaver still can be run there, iTunes is cool for my iPod, and iDVD help me a lot for producing a good DVD video compilation. And a lot of any other software also compatible with mac, in fact photoshop application run a lot faster in mac.

  • Do you use Microsoft Office? Good news –- it’s available on the Mac.
  • Do you use Adobe Photoshop Elements? Good news it’s on the Mac.
  • Do you use iTunes? Good news –- it’s on the Mac.
  • Do you use MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype? Good news -– they’re on the Mac.
  • Anything else.. still more to come.

#6. No virus, yes, this is the one I like, I save up a lot memory for running anti virus in my background like what I do for my Windows laptop. No poping up blocking from default windows security prompt or so called famous zone alarm application.

#7. The price is cheaper indeed compare to others PC laptop, you cannot get the same price like mac which running Intel Core 2 Duo processor specification.

#8. Interesting Mac Design Evolving, Do I look cool when I use mac to blog? YES. I really like new iMac design.

#9. Another question most of us will be thinking is: “Ok, do I have to re-learn everything?” Reasonable question. And the truth is there is a learning curve but at least 80% is the same or very similar. Most people at home use their computers for word processing, email, browsing the web, playing games and storing their digital pictures. Macs do all this with no effort at all. In Hongkiat.com/mac I will discuss more about using mac for blogging.

#10. Cool application on Mac. A lot other mac application vendor really doing great job for the software design. I am using Delicious Library to keep track of my book records, for disk burning I use damn cool Disco App. Both are example of cool apps that I mean, check out yourself for that for now, I will blog about that soon too.